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Snoqualmie River October 27, 2008

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Snoqualmie and Jack's skeleton 001

Early morning on the Snoqualmie.  East of Fall City.  No fish caught but a fantastic morning to be on the river.  3-4 others fly fishing and all with spey rods.

I was trying for steelhead on a 7wt floating line with various self-tied Skykomish Sunrise style flies.  I’ve switched to a floating line to stop getting snagged on the river bottom or losing flies on the backcast when the fly hits a rock. This seems to happen when I’m wading into a river and am effectively getting lower and lower relative to the banks and the backcast loop is at roughly the same height as the shoreline.  Also, it appears to happen more frequently when I’m on a heavier sinking line where the loop of the backcast is that little bit lower and therefore closer to the ground.

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