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Zurich September 20, 2014

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Business trip last week…


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View from my hotel May 19, 2014

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I took this long exposure picture from my hotel room in Paris.


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Paris in Springtime May 18, 2014

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Walked 10-12miles around Paris…

DSCN5333DSCN5336 StitchDSCN5341 StitchDSCN5345DSCN5347DSCN5351DSCN5352DSCN5355DSCN5356DSCN5359DSCN5361DSCN5365

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NYC-USMLE1 May 17, 2014

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Quick walk around the neighborhood  before the start of my study course tomorrow. It is the 9th Ave International Festival


IMG 0722


IMG 0718


IMG 0701IMG 0705IMG 0719IMG 0713IMG 0726IMG 0712

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Florianopolis May 9, 2014

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Took an hour out to see some of this island.

DGG_0365DGG_0399 Stitch  DGG_0356 DGG_0397 DGG_0387

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    We motored down to Blake Island and then sailed back to Seattle.  While on Blake we moored off the west side and fished before having lunch on the boat.
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    Family hikes don’t get much better than this…12miles and 2,400ft of elevation from sea/boat level to the highest mountain in the islands…we started out from Rosario and hiked up to the lookout at the top of Mount Constitution. Suscia Island from Orcas… Matia Island from Orcas…
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SBRC conference, Brazil May 8, 2014

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Some photos from the conference here in Brazil.




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    A few weeks late but this was the route I walked in Sao Paolo on a lovely sunny Sunday.
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    Travelled across the US to visit the Pop!Tech conference held annually here in Camden.  Lovely little harbor-town with great views and majestic fall colors.
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    Photos from the hotel grounds. Posted from UpdateMyFeed for Windows Phone
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Florianópolis May 4, 2014

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Arrived and took a few shots with the new camera…

DGG_0130 DGG_0135 DGG_0136

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Spring Break April 15, 2014

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The last days in Venice.

IMG 0427

On our way to the station on the Canale Grande.

IMG 0429

Dealing with Italian railway strike.

IMG 0437 IMG 0438

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    Latest photos…
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    6miles and 2,100ft elevation gain.  Great trail, crappy weather and we hit some very slippery snow - Roby took a slide down about 150ft!  So, we stopped about 0.4m from Mason Lake – we started up the route to Bandera but the weather worsened so we called it a day.
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Venice April 12, 2014

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Latest photos…

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A few of Jack’s photos April 10, 2014

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Here are some of Jack’s pictures – taken while over in Italy.


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    These are the best of Jack’s photos taken in Italy during the spring break.        
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    Some more wedding photos (digitally captured from the negatives).
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    A truly great view and fantastic weather for the start of our Christmas break in Italy.
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