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Olallie Lake Snow Hike January 27, 2013

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7+ miles to Olallie Lake and back on compacted snow.  No need for snow shoes although we did end up having to guess the trail and forge our own path for the last 0.75 mile down into the lake.  The last photo shows the view over the snow-covered frozen lake.  The GPS looked like it got a bit confused on the way up.  We stopped for coffee/hot chocolate at the side of Olallie where the boys camped last year (see the photos here).


Olallie Hike 002Olallie Hike 005Olallie Hike 007Olallie Hike 008Olallie Hike 011Olallie Hike 014Olallie Hike 016Olallie Hike 018Olallie Hike 028Olallie Hike 020

Olallie Hike 022 Stitch

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