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Ben playing Gavotte January 20, 2013

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Practicing for his recital…

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  • This evening’s recital.
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  • Pretty good for a first attempt – he was even looking behind to check his back-cast!  The last 10mins were great with him shooting the line out really well.
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  • Ben playing Gavotte at this evening's recital.  His teacher is accompanying him on piano.  The piece starts about 25 seconds in.  
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  • Mum says:

    Lovely being able to listen to you Ben, you’re coming on really well and it sounds great. We’re certain the concert will be a real success. Grandad and I love hearing your music.

  • Howard says:

    A lovely piece Ben, I liked it. You have made great strides since I last heard you play. Hope the recital goes well.
    Lots of love from a “proud” grandad.

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