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Maui Day 5 March 29, 2012

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We started out with approx 4 mile hike along the Hoapili Trail (close to Keoneolo).  The trail follows the coast and is made up of black volcanic rocks speckled with bleached white coral.  From the trail there is a dramatic oceanscape and wonderful views of Haleakala volcano.  We stopped off for a geocache (see photo).  Later on we went back to the beach for a spot of boogie boarding in the surf.

Maui Day 5 005Maui Day 5 006

Maui Day 5 008 Stitch

Maui Day 5 011

Maui Day 5 012 Stitch

Maui Day 5 040

Maui Day 5 042Maui Day 5 043Maui Day 5 056Maui Day 5 057Maui Day 5 059Maui Day 5 063

Maui Day 5 067Maui Day 5 069Maui Day 5 070Maui Day 5 072Maui Day 5 073
Maui Day 5 074Maui Day 5 077Maui Day 5 082Maui Day 5 083Maui Day 5 101Maui Day 5 102

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