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Kayaking on Beaver Lake July 13, 2009

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Took our new kayaks out for a test paddle on Beaver Lake. The weather wasn’t great this morning but it brightened up enough for us to get out. The boys did well paddling together in the smaller of the two boats.

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  • Up early and out on Beaver Lake in the canoe. We didn't catch anything but the boys enjoyed paddling and Ben was in charge of the motor/steering this time out. 
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  • Started at the NE corner of This Man Lake…today’s route was…(pNr = Portage of N rods where a rod is 16.5ft) This Man Lake – p49r – Other Man Lake – p39r – unnamed Lake – p4r – unnamed lake – p21r – Bell Lake – p18r – unnamed lake…
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  • We braved a rainy start and were rewarded with a pleasant hike up to Talapus Lake.
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