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Winslow weekend October 17, 2010

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One last weekend on the boat.  The weather was lovely with a classic early autumn day ending warm and sunny.  Sailed there and back, had ice cream from Mora Iced Creamery and ate at Café Nora in the evening.  Sunday started with low cloud but quickly brightened to a warm day with a fresh breeze for sailing home.

Winslow weekend 001Winslow weekend 004
Winslow weekend 007Winslow weekend 018Winslow weekend 054Winslow weekend 068Winslow weekend 076Winslow weekend 105Winslow weekend 114Winslow weekend 129Winslow weekend 146

Winslow weekend 148Winslow weekend 179Winslow weekend 185Winslow weekend 198

Winslow weekend 188

Winslow weekend 206Winslow weekend 207Winslow weekend 220Winslow weekend 228Winslow weekend 236Winslow weekend 242

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