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Manaus October 5, 2014

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The Rio Negro flows into the Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River South of Manaus, Brazil. We had a couple of hours to visit the river, see the two colors of the tributaries that combine together to form the Amazon river, see dolphins feeding on the Solimões side of the merging waters, swing past a little floating village and then visit the Manuas opera house before heading out with the local faculty for dinner.

Rio Negro ferry crossing and fishing stalls:




The two tributaries coming together (Rio Negro on the right).


Fresh-water dolphins:


Floating village school:


Local houses:


Manaus Opera House:

DSC_1018DSC_1022DSC_1026 StitchDSC_1030 Stitch

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  • Mum says:

    Wow! and more Wow’s! I’ve seen pictures on TV of the Opera House but had no idea if it’s exact location. The picture of the two rivers converging is quite amazing and I’m not sure I’d want to eat fish from the market – looks a bit unhygienic but probably very tasty.

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